Frequently asked a question?

Frequently Asked Question

1Do you have over-molding capabilities?
Yes. 3D Medisys Medical Instruments has a wide range of engineered polymer handles and over mold options and ergonomic designs tailored to our customers’ specifications.
2How does 3D Medisys Medical Instruments work with its customers?
3D Medisys Medical Instruments serves as a one stop shop design and development partner with its OEM customers. Every product we manufacture is the result of close collaboration and the meeting of customer specifications. We work hand in hand to find the best product functionality at the best value and for a wide range of applications including trauma, CMF, extremity, spine and general recon procedures.
3What kinds of packaging options are available?
We offer a complete range of packaging configurations for our customers. We will take and create a specification using your packaging requirements or help you design a winning solution including double barrier bags and pouches, tray in a tray, PETG and Styrene trays and pouches, Tyvek and Polymer films, sterilization, labeling, drop test and high shelf life and ruggedized configurations and more. 3D Medisys Medical Instruments takes care of all the validations and documentation.
4Can you use disposable instruments or kits more than once?
No. This insures the medical instruments has a brand new precisely calibrated and sterile torque instrument or procedural kit for each patient and procedure. They are designed for a single-procedure and then disposed of as medical waste or for recycle. Multiple uses of the instruments or kits are not the intended purpose and violate the product warranty.
5How To contact 3D Medisys.
Call 3D Medisys Medical Instruments at: 999-292-9325 or email 3D Medisys Medical Instruments at: 3dmedisys@gmail.com