November 27, 2017
4K Video Recorder
November 27, 2017
LMD 2765
LMD 2765
LMD 2765 back
LMD 2765 side


The LMD-2765MD and LMD-2760MD are Full HD 27-type LCD monitors with an advanced display technology, designed for use in medical environments. These monitors provide 2D color video displays of images from a surgical endoscope, laparoscopic camera system, and other compatible medical imaging systems. Their compact, stylish, and user-friendly design is suitable for modern advanced environments including operating rooms, surgical centers, clinics, doctor’s offices, and similar locations. The LMD-2765MD is equipped with Video, S Video and HD-15 inputs, in addition to DVI-D and SDI.


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Sony LMD 2765 Brochure


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